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*DataPoint* The Costco Test, How to Determine the Line Between Data and Big Data


In this Data Point recorded at a Costco during the post-holiday shopping season, Frank explains his algorithm for determining that magical point when a lot of data becomes “Big Data.” Given the constant advances in storage technologies, that borderline is a moving goalpost that’s hard to measure. Or is it?

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*DataScienceDaily* Teaching AI to Spot Lung Cancer, Inference Made Simple, and How Much Data Does a Self-Driving Car Create in a Day?


Data Science Daily Story Links @gp_pulipaka Training AI To Spot Lung Cancer. #BigData #MachineLearning #DataScience #AI #HealthTech #Cancer @kdnuggets Inference Made Simple – Applying the reasoning power of GRAKN.AI to find new #knowledge about the world  #DataScience @jenstirrup @makeurdatawork Nice summary of #DeepLearning and #MachineLearning:  #BigData #DataScience via @kirkdborne @DeborahTannon #DataScience…

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