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*DataPoint* Biml 2018 Update


Varigance is poised to release the 2018 version of their toolset: BimlExpress, BimlStudio, and BimlFlex. BimlHero Andy Leonard has an update!

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*DataPointLive* Todd and Andy Talk BIML


Andy bumps into a fellow Virginian at the annual PASS Summit and they talk BIML.

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*DataPoint* I See BIML People (at PASS)


Andy is at the PASS Summit this week and bumps into some BIML people.

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*DataPoint* Happy #BIML Release Day


Today is a special day and Andy is excited.  It’s Christmas in July. It’s BIML Release Day! BimlExpress is a free extension for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) that snaps right into Visual Studio. BimlExpress now includes a Preview Pane, previously only available in Mist. Mist has been re-branded BimlStudio 2017 and sports lots of new features!…

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