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*DataPoint* Andy Chats with the Guy in a Cube Crew at #SQLSatATL


Today, Andy is at SQL Saturday Atlanta and he catches up with the guys behind the “Guy in a Cube” YouTube channel to chat about their name, Sinead O’Connor, and PowerBI.

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*DataPoint* Do You Need a PhD Do Be a Data Scientist?


Frank is at the Microsoft Inspire show this week in DC and he ran into Kristin Tolle to talk about the core requirements of becoming a data scientist.

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Kamal Hathi on Data Culture, Karate, and Being Data Driven


On this week’s Data Driven, Frank and Andy are honored to have Kamal Hathi on the show.  Kamal Hathi is a General Manager at Microsoft.  As the co-founder of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar Analytics and Business Intelligence products, today Kamal leads the team that is responsible for the end-to-end strategy, design and engineering of Power BI.  The data analytics and visualization…

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*DataPoint* Data Science and Theme Parks


Andy is out and about with his family today at King’s Dominion and he pauses to reflect on how data analytics is used at amusement parks. Links mentioned:      

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Darren Lacy on Making the Jump to Data Science from BI and Disneyland for Geeks


  Links: Kaggle Titanic data set – (14:20) Sponsor: Sponsor: Enterprise Data & Analytics   Notable Quotes: PowerPoint real-time translation (8:00) The Hype Cycle (10:45) On reaching 100% accuracy… (12:30) Advice on how to make the jump from BI to Data Science (25:45) Which to learn first: Python or R? (27:20) Supporting a family as…

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