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*DataPoint* What If We Lie to the Machines?


In this Data Point, Andy ponders the ethics of lying to the machines, how that adds bias, and what the consequences may be.

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*DataPoint* Talking About AI, Ethics, and Transparency at a Super Secret Event


This week, Frank is at (near) Microsoft’s headquarters just outside Seattle, Washington, attending internal, possibly even secret,  training.  In this impromptu Data Point, he chats with fellow attendees about AI, Ethics, and the ever-present Unintended Consequences of technological advancement.

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*DataPoint* Andy Reflects on Data Collection in the Wake of Hurricane Florence


Hurricane Florence hit the US East Coast nearly seven weeks ago, yet the cleanup is on going and many people’s lives are still not back to normal. In this DataPoint, Andy talks about the importance to remembering that there are people behind the statistics and data we gather. Frank’s Thoughts: What prompted me to think…

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