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Milena Rodban on Geopolitical Risk, Cybersecurity, and Tennis


In this episode Frank and Andy talk with Milena Rodban, a Geopolitical Risk Consultant and Simulation Designer, which might be the best job title ever. Milena discusses the importance of data and the often overlooked security aspects around data, especially when set against the backdrop of complex business and security environments. Links Sponsor: – Get a free…

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*DataPoint* The Magic of IoT


Noted science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke once noted that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” If you want to see this in action, then head no further to the nearest place you can play MagiQuest. Players are given an RFID enabled wand and go on a scavenger hunt to obtain “enchanted items.” When…

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Steven Fowler on IoT, Agriculture, and Philanthropy


In this show, Frank and Andy talk to Steven Fowler about his recent award for implementing an IoT solution that may change agriculture and nutrition forever. Show notes coming soon. We blame the eclipse. 🙂

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*DataScienceDaily* AWS Greengrass, R is Hot, and Why AI Would Be Nothing without Big Data


Data Science Daily Show Notes @theRegister Learn Machine Learning in 15 Miinutes @KirkDBorne Collections of great #DataScience articles at @DataScienceCtrl  #abdsc #AI #MachineLearning #Statistics #BigData #IoT @Ronald_vanLoon Why R is the best data science language to learn today | #DataScience #R #RT AWS Greengrass makes it easier for business to develop for IoT.…

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