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*DataPoint* Talking About AI, Ethics, and Transparency at a Super Secret Event


This week, Frank is at (near) Microsoft’s headquarters just outside Seattle, Washington, attending internal, possibly even secret,¬† training.¬† In this impromptu Data Point, he chats with fellow attendees about AI, Ethics, and the ever-present Unintended Consequences of technological advancement.

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Micheleen Harris on R, Bioinformatics, and Mountaineering


In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy talk with Micheleen Harris, an R developer who loves Python. Yes, it is possible. Show notes coming soon!

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Joel Cochran on Data in Politics, Law School, and Billiards


In the first episode of “Season 2,” Frank and Andy catch up with Joel Cochran. Joel Cochran¬†leverages data in the political arena. Show notes coming soon.

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*DataPoint* Frank Talks to Brian Moran About LUIS, Data Science, and Staten Island


Today, I was in the Chevy Chase office at Microsoft and had the chance to bump into Brian Moran, who has recently joined Microsoft.

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Amanda Lange on Games, Data, and Scanning Brainwaves


In this episode, Frank and Andy chat with Amanda Lange, technology evangelist at Microsoft, games journalist, and data aficionado. Links Sponsor: – Get a free audio book when you sign up for a free trial! Sponsor: Enterprise Data & Analytics Notable Quotes Frank is working on a Wintellect on Azure Gov (1:30) Amanda’s site…

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