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*DataPoint* Talking Data Science to Policy Folks


Recently, I delivered a presentation on “Data Science for the Curious” at the WeWork K Street location in Washington, DC. The goal was to help the largely non-technical audience of public policy professionals understand some of the core tenets of data science: its promises and its perils. In light of the recent Facebook revelations, this…

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*DataScience Daily* A Gentle Intro to Machine Learning, The Hill on AI, and Network Visualization in R


Data Science Daily for Jun 20, 2017 Show Notes @DeepLearn007 Machine Learning: A gentle introduction #AI #machinelearning #bigdata #fintech #ML #tech …  @AndySugs RT: @Rbloggers: Data Science Tool Market Share Leading Indicator: Scholarly Articles  #rstats #DataScience @AmyxIoT It’s time for an intelligent conversation on artificial intelligence – The Hill (blog)  ArtificialIntelligence AI *DataPoint*…

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