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*DataPoint* Data Science in Las Vegas


In this Data Point, Frank talks about how it’s data analytics and statistical analysis — and not luck — that run Las Vegas. It’s not Sin City, it’s Stats City. Although, that’s not nearly as catchy.

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Brad Llewellyn on Statistics, Data Science, R, CBIG, Gaming, and Vanilla Ice


Frank and Andy speak with a real, live unicorn (data scientist), Brad Llewellyn. Links: Sponsor: – Get a free audio book when you sign up for a free trial! Sponsor: Enterprise Data & Analytics Brad Llewellyn: @BreakingBI Notable Quotes: Movie Quote – Star Wars: A New Hope (1:55) Bruce Lee (2:20) Book reference: Unicorns…

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*DataScienceDaily* #17 Learn Stats from Columbia, Machine Learning Article Collection, and Happy Birthday, Andy!


Show Notes @ColumbiaVPTL Learn how #Statistics plays a central role in #DataScience Enroll now in a self pace course on ColumbiaX : @KirkDBorne Great collection of #MachineLearning articles to learn about different #algorithms and classifiers: … #DataScience #AI @DBaker007 3 Mistakes That Setup #DataScientists For Failure | @DataconomyMedia  #DataScience #DataViz #BigData @DeborahTannon #DataScience…

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