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*DataPoint* Amazon to Retrain Its Employees. Why That’s Big Deal.


Recently, Amazon announced that it will spend $700 Million (USD) to retrain its employees. Why are they doing this? Simple: automation. They know that a displaced workforce would be bad political mojo at a time when the giant is facing increasing calls for regulation, even potential anti-trust action. Anti-trust laws in the US were made…

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*DataPoint* Frank and Andy in the Same Place, Big Plans for Season 3, and is Frank the Forrest Gump of Data Science


Frank and Andy are in the same place for the first time in a while, so they meet up to plan season 3 of Data Driven.

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*DataPoint* Knowledge Mining Open Hack


I’m at an OpenHack today learning about Knowledge Mining.

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*DataPoint* Celebrating 2 Years of Data Driven


In this Data Point, Frank marks the two year anniversary of Data Driven’s launch and talks about the future.

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*DataPoint* What If We Lie to the Machines?


In this Data Point, Andy ponders the ethics of lying to the machines, how that adds bias, and what the consequences may be.

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