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Exploring Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science

How Data Found Frank La Vigne

In this third episode of the fifth season, we turn the microphone onto ourselves and interview one of our own: Frank La Vigne. This episode was recorded as a livestream on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitch. You should consider subscribing to us there, so you can participate in the live Q and A.

Chris Wexler on Using AI to Protect the Vulnerable

In this second episode of the fifth season, Frank and Andy speak to Chris Wexler about using AI to protect the vulnerable. Speaking of which, I would like to advise you, dear listener, that this show touches on some sensitive areas, namely child sexual abuse materials. If you have little ears or sensitive persons within…

Dave Wentzel on Why You Don’t Need a Data Warehouse

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy chat with Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center Data Architect Dave Wentzel on why you do not need a data warehouse. Also, Frank discusses leaving Microsoft, Frank and Andy talk about five seasons of Data Driven, and even BAILeY has a sentimental moment. Transcripts 00:00:00 BAILey  Hello and welcome…

Chris Gherardini on the role of data in ERP and CRM Systems

In this episode Frank and Andy have a chat with Chris Gherardini on the role of data in ERP and CRM Systems. Transcript 00:00:00 BAILey  Hello and welcome to data driven, the podcast where we explore the emerging fields of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this episode, Frank and Andy speak to Chris…