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Dr. Julia DiGangi on the Neuropsychology of Stress and Success

In today’s episode of the Data Driven podcast, we delve into the intricate dance of the human brain with uncertainty, guided by the insightful and optimistic Dr. Julia DiGangi. Dr. DiGangi’s work transcends traditional academic boundaries, focusing on the neuropsychological underpinnings that shape our responses to the ever-shifting sands of our times.

With a blend of deep scientific knowledge and a hopeful outlook, she sheds light on how understanding our brain’s mechanics can enhance our navigation through life’s complexities. Join us as Dr. DiGangi illuminates the pathways of our cognitive landscapes, offering clarity and guidance through the fog of uncertainty.

Show Notes

00:00 Neuropsychologist studies brain domains, human vs. machines.

05:06 Technology layoffs causing career uncertainty, sparking concern.

08:54 Brain is allergic to uncertainty, scientific study.

10:24 People choose painful shocks over uncertainty in lab.

15:44 Lead life wisely, brain is most powerful.

19:21 Jordan Belfort, inspiration for Wolf of Wall Street.

20:09 Theory powerful across contexts, emotional intelligence vs. artificial intelligence.

25:30 Leadership is about influential emotional signals.

29:22 Emotion sets human consciousness energy, fixing pain.

31:43 Questioning our connection to somatic intelligence.

35:26 Questions about recovery, healing, and enduring patterns.

38:22 Challenges are inevitable, despite our circumstances.

42:38 Emotions are a richer carrier of meaning.

44:07 Transition from academic to public mental health advocacy.

46:30 Talk therapy integrates thinking and emotions in the brain.

52:17 Tired of politics, focused on substance and policy.

55:45 Engaging podcast featuring AI and human mind.

About the author, Frank

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He blogs regularly at and has a YouTube channel called Frank's World TV. (www.FranksWorld.TV). Frank has extensive experience in web and application development. He is also an expert in mobile and tablet engineering. You can find him on Twitter at @tableteer.