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Posts by Frank La Vigne

Ava Naeini on Pulse, Healing, and Avoiding Burnout

In this episode of Data Driven, Andy and Frank interview Ava Naeini, Founder and Data Architect of Pulse Operations, speaks to the intersections of technology and wellbeing. Pulse is an insight tool designed to monitor and report on the health of distributed systems, minimizes human engineer involvement in an effort to maximize employee efficiency and…

Himanish Goel on Education, Starting a Career, & More

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy interview Himanish Goel, Technical Architecture Delivery Analyst at Accenture and recent graduate of VCU in Richmond, Virginia. It’s a wide ranging discussion covering the transition from being a student to entering the professional workforce, podcasting, and thoughts on the current state of the school system in the…

Kristen Kehrer on Statistics, Data Poetry, and Dunkies

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank interviews Kristen Kehrer, developer advocate at CometML and host of the Cool Data Projects Show. In case, you’re wondering where is Andy. He was unable to make the recording due to a last minute schedule change. The show must go on, after all. Learn more about CometML