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Posts by Frank La Vigne

Lauren Tickner on Strategies for Building a Personal Brand

On this episode of Data Driven, BAILeY and Frank La Vigne welcome special guest Lauren Tickner to discuss strategies for maximizing time and success in the digital age. Lauren shares her insights on motivation, dealing with online haters, and the power of automation in business. The conversation delves into the importance of understanding risks and…

Steve Orrin on the Importance of Hardware in AI Development

On this episode of Data Driven, the focus is on hardware from AI optimized chips to edge computing. Frank and Andy interview Steven Orrin, the CTO of Intel Federal. Intel has developed new CPU instructions to accelerate AI workloads, and FPGAs allow for faster development in custom applications with specific needs. The speaker emphasizes the…

Saket Saurabh on Automating Data Engineering

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy get back to the data engineering side of the equation by speaking with Saket Saurabh, CEO & co founder of Nexla. Nexla specializes in tools for automating data engineering processes.

Celebrating 6 years of Data Driven and a New Magazine

Welcome to the grand premiere of Season 7 of the Data Driven Podcast! In this inaugural episode of our seventh season, Andy and Frank interview each other, announce their new project, and more! Now, let us start season 7 with the promise that our season 7 will be better than Game Of Thrones’ Season 7.…