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*DataPoint* A Heartfelt Thank You on this Thanksgiving Day

In this Thanksgiving Data Point, Frank sends a special message of thanks to you, the best audience in the world!

Show Notes

Did AT&T Predict the Future?

Did AT&T Predict the Future?


00:00:00 Frank 

Hey, what’s up is Frank here from data driven? Just wanted to take a moment here. It’s Thanksgiving here in the US. I’m actually sitting by the by the ocean on the beach. 

00:00:15 Frank 

And it’s a beautiful day. 

00:00:19 Frank 

And God. 

00:00:21 Frank 

Some interesting interesting email the other day from website called Pod Stats or Pod Status. You’ll see I have my other production assistant with me, but I just wanted to say thank you to all the listeners who helped made data driven successful over the years. Can’t believe that tomorrow. 

00:00:42 Frank 

It’s been four years since I had the idea for data driven. Next week will probably be. It’ll be about four years since I asked Andy to be the cohost we’ve been rocking it pretty well. We’re at about 160,000 downloads. 

00:00:55 Frank 

265 or 266 shows an. 

00:01:03 Frank 

Just wanted to say thank you. 

00:01:05 Frank 

Actually got an interesting email the other day from a website called Pod Stats Pod status. 

00:01:11 Frank 

And apparently we are very highly ranked where the 29th ranked podcast in technology in Italy. So I want to say gratze. We also rank very high and definitely in the top 50. In Sweden, Thailand, Norway in Brazil. 

00:01:30 Frank 

So thank you, I only know how to say thank you in. 

00:01:35 Frank 

Italian sorry, but I would have to go back and figure out how to say it in those other languages. 

00:01:46 Frank 

I’m sorry about that, but I will go back and figure out how to say it in the other language is another thing. If you’ve been very eagle eyed in terms of our show notes and the transcriptions. 

00:01:57 Frank 


00:01:58 Frank 

We have we have a name now for the AI voice over Lady probably do more formal show on it. But you know what? 

00:02:07 Frank 

Not gonna do it, figured I would just get the information out. Right now we call her Bailey which is an acronym for British AI Lady. You can look in the transcripts. You’ll see her kind of listed as there is a name. 

00:02:23 Frank 

Interestingly enough, we changed up how we do our transcripts. I used to use video indexer but now word online you can actually upload the audio file, the MP3 file and it will actually not only do the transcription and the timestamp, but actually the speaker identification too. So we actually test this out. 

00:02:45 Frank 

And it’s pretty accurate, so you’ll so hopefully now are. 

00:02:52 Frank 

Hopefully now are. 

00:02:55 Frank 

Our transcripts are much more accessible. That’s something we’ve been meaning to do and. 

00:03:01 Frank 

Yeah, oh, I see Andy’s on hey what’s up? Andy yeah we I shared that email with you and yeah, we are we’re we’re we’re reaching the top 30 this is pretty good I’m I’m excited I’m happy about the show. Happy I’m thankful Thanksgiving right? 

00:03:18 Frank 

So I’m thankful for having Andy as a good friend and a cohost on this journey on this epic road trip down the information superhighway. As we say in our standard intro and but he was basically talking about all the things that look very futuristic in those commercials and. 

00:03:39 Frank 

The my dog is about to pull my arm off. I can feel it. 

00:03:43 Frank 


00:03:46 Frank 


00:03:47 Frank 

Yeah, so it’s interesting that how how that you know. So he kind of goes through. It’s interesting from a language point of view, ’cause I was alive in 1993. I was in the middle of college and all that stuff seemed I wouldn’t say in pop. 

00:04:00 Frank 

Possible seems a little far fetched in a little improbable, but it’s interesting how that video predicted touch screens. The widespread use of touch screens so it held up pretty well, except for the fact it wasn’t really a T&T that was a major player in that, and if memory serves the AT&T we know today is actually a rebranding of singular, which was another company entirely so. 

00:04:24 Frank 

I’m sure someone will call me on the comments if I’m wrong. 

00:04:28 Frank 

But just wanna say I love you too man. 

00:04:32 Frank 

See Andy’s comment. Yeah man, I’m just thankful to have good people in my life. Like Andy. I’m happy to have a great audience that I have happen. Will be happy to be able to, you know, spend some time and I’m unplugged by the ocean. 

00:04:48 Frank 

So happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’m going to sign off now and might do another quantum show. Probably tomorrow, maybe not today because I had a mental breakthrough in terms of what I was able to figure out by watching this video. And I might even scored a new guest for that show. So with all of that. 

00:05:10 Frank 

From all of us to all of you. 

00:05:13 Frank 

You have a great Thanksgiving if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. 


About the author, Frank

Frank La Vigne is a software engineer and UX geek who saw the light about Data Science at an internal Microsoft Data Science Summit in 2016. Now, he wants to share his passion for the Data Arts with the world.

He blogs regularly at and has a YouTube channel called Frank's World TV. (www.FranksWorld.TV). Frank has extensive experience in web and application development. He is also an expert in mobile and tablet engineering. You can find him on Twitter at @tableteer.