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*Webinar* SSIS Framework Community Edition


We love experimenting around here and examining the resulting data. After all, we are Data Driven: not just in name but also in spirit. In this webinar Andy recorded, he also streamed it live on our Facebook page. We thought it was good enough to share with our larger audience here. Let us know what…

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*DataPoint* Andy talks to Andy from SentryOne at SQL Saturday Boston


Andy is at SQL Saturday Boston and he runs into another Andy from SentryOne.

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*Special* Computer Vision Session from AI Discovery Day


Today, Frank was in Philadelphia presenting a session at AI Discovery Day on Computer Vision Cognitive Services. The labs for this session are on GitHub:¬† These events will be taking place across the US. Here are a few dates and links to registration. City Date Title Link Boston, MA 9/28/2018 AI Discovery Day Registration Link…

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Stu Ainsworth on Reliability, Disaster Recovery, and Chaos Monkeys


In this episode, Frank and Andy chat with Stu Ainsworth about service reliability in a chaotic world. Links Sponsor: – Get a free audio book when you sign up for a free trial! Notable Quotes Postmortem: VSTS 4 September 2018 (02:00) Stuart Ainsworth on Twitter: @CodeGumbo (05:30) Reliability: Expectations vs. Solutions (06:00) “Canada is…

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*Special* Azure AI Fest Keynote with Ashish Jaiman


On Friday, the first ever Azure AI Fest was held in Reston, VA.¬† Data Driven streamed the keynote presentation live and was a sponsor. So, enjoy the audio of the keynote address by Ashish Jaiman, a former colleague and manager, who now works in the Democracy and Cybersecurity team at Microsoft. If you prefer to…

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