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Posts by Frank La Vigne

*DataPointLive* Todd and Andy Talk BIML


Andy bumps into a fellow Virginian at the annual PASS Summit and they talk BIML.

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*DataPoint* I See BIML People (at PASS)


Andy is at the PASS Summit this week and bumps into some BIML people.

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*DataPoint* Andy Talks Shop with Eugene


Andy is a the annual PASS Summit in Seattle and he bumps into Eugene.

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Melissa Coates on Data Lakes, BI, and Dogs


In this show, Frank and Andy chat with Melissa Coates about Googling her name, Data Lakes, and CBIG.

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*DataPoint* Talking About SQL Community with Tim Radney at SQL Saturday Pittsburgh


Frank catches up with Tim Radney¬†at SQL Saturday Pittsburgh and Tim shares a story about Andy’s fame.

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