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*DataPoint* Frank and Andy in the Same Place, Big Plans for Season 3, and is Frank the Forrest Gump of Data Science


Frank and Andy are in the same place for the first time in a while, so they meet up to plan season 3 of Data Driven.

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*DataPoint* Tim Reflects on a Busy Week at PASS 2018


In this DataPoint, roving reporter Tim McAliley explains what he’s been up to on the last day of PASS 2018.

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*DataPoint* Frank and Andy and Joel at Azure Data Fest Reston


In this Data Point, Frank and Andy talk about reinforcement learning, Mario Brothers, and then get sidetracked. Then Joel Cochran stops by and they really get sidetracked.

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*DataPoint* 50,000 Downloads and Databricks Training


Frank and Andy are in the same place for the first time in a while and they have a special announcement: the show has reached 50,000 downloads in just under one year. Thank you for supporting the show. You rock!

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*DataPoint* Tim McAliley Co-Founder of Azure Data Fests on What’s Next


At the Philly Azure Data Fest, Frank sits down with Tim McAliley to find out where¬†Azure Data Fest started and where it’s headed to next,

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