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Announcing Data Points: Mini Shows for Your Listening Pleasure

Sometimes, we here at Data Driven get inspired and want to share something we just learned, a tip or trick, or what we’re up to. These ideas, however, are not always flushed out enough just yet to become full fledged episodes.

To that end, we’re announcing a new mini episode format called “Data Points” where we share live and in person on the spot.

Is this a good idea? Bad idea? Freakin’ brilliant idea? Let us know what you think in the comments!


About the author, Data Driven Team

The Data Driven team is the dynamic duo of Frank La Vigne and Andy Leonard.

Frank La Vigne is a software engineer and UX geek who saw the light about Data Science at an internal Microsoft Data Science Summit in 2016. Now, he wants to share his passion for the Data Arts with the world.

Andy Leonard is a self-described Data Philosopher who literally lives in Farmville. No, not the game, the actual town. He slings code and manages data.