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Rupesh Malpani on on AI, Commerce, and Holograms

In this 300th episode of Data Driven and the premiere episode of season six, Frank and Andy interview Rupesh Malpani, whom Frank often refers to as the next Steve Jobs.  Listen to this interesting conversation to find out why. Links Transcription The following is AI Generated.

*DataScienceDaily* 4 Ways AI is Driving Innovation, Deep Learning Demystified, and Fencing Drones

Data Science Daily Show Notes @debashis_dutta RT @SpirosMargaris 4 Ways #ArtificialIntelligence is Driving Innovation in 2017  #fintech @HugoLeveille1 #ML #AI Andreessen Horowitz on the AI Startup Wave @analyticbridge  #DeepLearning Demystified  @ValaAfshar this drone is so good at avoiding obstacles that it can fence  Microsoft Inspire Coverage SQL Saturday Atlanta Coverage