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*DataScienceDaily* Volvo Partners Up to Make Self-Driving Cars, Data Science Podcasts, and Oxford Startup Gets Series A Funding

Here are all the links to stories mention in today’s podcast.

Data Science Daily Show Notes

  1. @jackverr54 #selfDrivingCars Volvo and Autoliv aim to sell self-driving cars with #Nvidia AI tech by 2021  via @techcrunch
  2. @Ronald_vanLoon  Best Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, and Machine Learning podcasts | #BigData #DataMining #RT
  3. @carrolltoonz Create a problem-solving infographic to produce shareable & link-worthy content. @NadyaKhoja
  4. @evankirstel Oxford University #AI #startup @diffblueHQ has raised £17M in Series A funding …
  5. @MapR_EMEA The Lord of the Things: #Spark or #Hadoop? –  by @KirkDBorne #bigdata #datascience
  6. Fear and Loathing in Data Science podcast episode



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