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Exploring Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science

Inspiration with John Lee Dumas and Tech Intensity with Data Soup

As we begin season 3 of Data Driven, Frank and Andy wanted to bring it back to the guy who inspired the entire show: John Lee Dumas. Although not yet quite a household name, JLD as he’s known to his fans, is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award winning podcast where he interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. With over 2000 episodes, 1 million + listens a month, and seven-figures of annual revenue, JLD is just getting started.

Not to stop there, the Data Driven dynamic duo want to bring the heat and turn up the tech intensity levels to 11 with a virtual summit that covers everything data from soup to nuts. To that end, we are launching the Data Soup Virtual Summit. And are souper excited to give Data Driven Listeners a Discount (70% until Aug 5, 2019; 50% afterwards).

Back in the day – Richmond .Net Users Group, now Azure Richmond, and Richmond SQL Server Users Group.

Rick and Morty

Tech Intensity

John Lee Dumas!

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Age of the Entrepreneur movie

Think and Grow Rich movie

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Love this:


What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

“Data is either part of your business plan or part of your going-out-of-business plan.” – Frank

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The Dunkin Donuts *DataPoint* raw footage from the DataDriven Facebook page.


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Hello and Welcome to data driven the podcast where we
explore the emerging field of data science.
We bring the best minds in data software engineering machine
learning and artificial intelligence now hear your hosts Frank Lavigna
and Andy Leonard.
Hello and welcome back to data driven the podcast where
we explore the emerging fields of data science machine learning
and artificial intelligence is you like to think of data
as the new oil then you can consider a scar
talk ’cause.
We focus on where the rubber meets the road and
on with me on this epic road trip.
Down the information superhighway as he has been from day
Season one episode, one episode zero actually we started zero.
I take your room with me is Andy Leonard,
whose has gone from data engineer to chief data engineer
to you had another really data philosopher that’s what it
was yeah,
started with data philosopher back in today right which is
very cool by the way well.
I appreciate that Frank it kind of went with the
beard and back then.
I had the unbreaded version of the beard.
And so you know, I still call myself so go
ahead go ahead.
Now, because I still call myself a date a philosopher
at DILM Suite,
which is kind of like an offshoot of Edna.
They consulting company. I kept the title enterprise DNA for
those not in the know not Edna like Dame Edna
Yes, not the insurance company but enterprise data and analytics
Yeah, we are I work there Frank works at Microsoft.
Yep, which wasn’t the case during the whole podcast journey
Uh I had been riffed for Microsoft ’cause.
They basically said move to Seattle or else and I
But 18 months ago. Awesome has it been that long
wow well April so.
Yeah, well still fit OK 15 months,
he was 89 since the job opportunity was like first
presented to me.
Right right so it’s been an interesting it’s been interesting
I’m now they changed our titles for this upcoming fiscal
Microsoft fiscal year goes from July 1st to June 30th.
I am now a cloud solution architect.
I. I like that title better because it’s easier to
explain it party.
My cloud solution architect oh OK,
it’s cloud its architect. Where before I was a technology
solutions professional which?
Requires a bit of a follow-up sentence or 2 well
it’s vague.
Yeah, it is vague so.
It’s nice to have something that is.
Yeah, it’s funny ’cause throughout my tenure at Microsoft.
I’ve always had those kind of weird hard to explain
titles like evangelist.
Right you right straight folks like you and gathered 99%
of our listeners.
We get we know what Evangel says right writing,
but to normal people. They don’t necessarily like what like
televangelists right like like religious religious right?
That’s not quite like that,
Well, you weren’t although some would argue maybe it is.
Well II know you’ve always had a passion for community
for those who don’t know that I don’t know that
we’ve ever told the back story Frank.
Back story you and I when we first met it
it was November of 2005.
I know that and I remember that because the
users group was just getting going or getting re going.
I’m not sure. We’d kind of so when I moved
to Richmond from New Jersey I had.
Wanted to restart the group,
yeah, and by the time November happened.
We had a pretty good momentum going on.
I think you were there when we were at our
temporary location and we ended up taking up 2 conference
which was about twice the size of the group that
we expected.
Wow, Yeah. And I was talking about starting up a
Richmond SQL Group.
And EDU Dot E. Who was the developer evangelist for
the area at the time suggested I meet you?
Very cold and I think I told you like yeah,
just sent him on by you know,
I’ll be here so.
And he did an II popped in an gosh who
was I’m trying to remember the guys name.
It was be. I think it was from New Jersey.
I want to scale Castro.
It was Miguel Yes, and I didn’t come down.
Yeah, that was a fantastic presentation.
I had no idea who he was at the time.
Uh. But he is an awesome presenter,
He really is as very smart guy,
very impressive. Just just all around and we also I
distinctly remember meeting Nick Harris at that meeting as well.
Oh really yeah. Yeah, so we were all just we
were all kind of Newish to the Richmond area.
I was born in Richmond.
But I had lived in Jacksonville,
Florida for the previous 3 and a half years.
Anne I wish I’d gotten into community.
Now there I really didn’t know much about the technical
Although I lived in the area.
You know in the Richmond metropolitan area.
You know before I moved down to Florida,
but It was it was very interesting an?
You know, I kind of caught the bug and I
think you and I were both at a spot in
our lives where we had a little bit of extra
time and we were both very passionate about this whole
idea of community so we dove in.
Now absolutely and it’s funny,
you mentioned Miguel because Miguel and andem sack.
I think at the time.
He was known as Don XML,
where the guys that got me interested in community when
I lived in New Jersey.
Cool, so cool, so which actually I think leads us
to kind of our next topic.
One of our themes if you will,
for the year. ’cause now there were 3 seasons in
22 and a half years,
maybe? Yeah, yeah in this season was a bit delayed,
but it’s not been delayed as long as of Rick
and Morty season,
so count your blessings sitting at Barlow.
I love Rick and Morty so much love to harm
and I forgot.
The other guys name, but anyway,
so one of the things I think we want to
want to kick off on is.
2 things one is inspiration like what inspired us like
you know what?
What inspired us to get into data.
What can we do to inspire others.
It’s kind of pay it forward.
You know like what inspired us to get into this?
What inspired us to stay in this and how can
we pass that onto our listeners.
I think that’s really? I think that’s what gets us
up in a day and keeps up late at night.
And uh absolutely and then the other side of that.
The other topic that I think bleeds into it is
kind of takes into account our profession is tech intense
Right and tech intensity is one of those newfangled terms
that if you watch the inspire keynote.
Last week and internally we’ve been using that a lot
tech intensity,
which is basically.
Helping shit helping spread the knowledge of Technology,
More people like basically turning up our technology skills just
turning it up A notch.
Actually, maybe we don’t like these other things that we’re
seeing but whatever it is that there were passionate about
positively or negatively.
We share that exactly we just exactly it’s kind of
like a correlation measurement right like if it’s the closer.
It is to zero. There’s no correlation.
But the closer. It is to -1,
+1, there’s either negative correlation or a positive correlation?
How’s that for geeking out?
I like that. That’s got data science written all over
It’s almost like it’s a podcast or not data science,
which you do want so I think really the key
here is and what’s really cool is over the past.
Over the past 6 months.
We both have had challenges you know in terms of
deaths in the family.
My wife was half, collage,
she’s OK now that’s really what kind of is delayed
the season from coming out,
but also was part of that I managed to as
part of my job is go and.
Go through an actually. How people come up to me
when I’m presenting at a customer site like how?
Yeah, I love to show you know like tell Andy
I said hi.
You know it, yeah, yeah that happens to me with
It’s like you know it’s not just my mom listening.
You know, and it’s not like AI.
Bots that I program. I don’t actually have that,
but it’s actually something. Wait people are listening to and
we’re appreciate that we really appreciate that is so true.
Well then II’ll just I’ll say ’cause now I know
You said all of this up so I’m not stealing
anybody’s Thunder hear Frank did all the work once again.
Frank did all the work.
But we have 4 season 3 for this kickoff.
We have a really cool.
Guest all of our guests have been cool.
I’ve said this before they are awesome.
But this guest is a little higher visibility and some
circles that maybe not.
Our other guests have been as high visibility in an
That’s a big tease. I’m gonna do.
Frank I’m gonna let you take it from there and
This inspiration theme. I want to share with you all
with our listeners.
The guy who inspired me to podcast.
His name is John Lee Dumas,
he runs a podcast called entrepreneur on fire.
It’s an award winning podcast where he interviews.
Inspiring entrepreneurs, who are and his words on fire.
An he has over 2000 episodes.
If anyone posts more content on the Internet than me.
It’s probably him 1,000,000 plus listeners a month,
7 figures from his podcast of annual revenue.
He’s known to his fans,
is just JLD. And he’s just getting started.
He’s he’s doing a lot of great stuff,
he’s actually been in 2 movies.
Documentaries not like Avengers or anything like that,
but that is 2 more documentaries that I’ve been in.
So you know much props to him and he’s been
continual source of inspiration.
You can better shut off my Alexa because soon as
I start talking about her.
She will start playing it.
But if he actually has a flash briefing on Amazon
So if you want to do it.
You could just ask play entrepreneur on fire right.
He is a genius. He is a veteran you served
our country in Iraq.
He is awesome, because he he’s just very inspirational.
He has a program called Podcasters Paradise,
which we kind of talked about.
A lot in terms of the training that I did.
We always mentioned the training.
The Frank dude? Absolutely, you kind of help get the
podcast going?
Yeah, this guy sounds pretty cool who were talking about
oh it’s some gardening.
John Lee Dumas. So Alexa Alexa always puts on like
a little bit of a French twist on it.
Like John Lee Dumas that is the roots.
That’s where the fam comes from also another French Canadian,
the call. Yes, danger danger danger Andy I’m outnumbered.
It’s all good. It’s all good welcome Mr.
Dumass. Thank you for inviting me.
I’m looking forward to hanging out with.
You too, for a little while so Welcome to the
For those that don’t know.
He just mentioned that you were in 2 documentaries one
of which I just got the email about today.
Do you want to talk about that age of the
entrepreneur it was a documentary that features 24 pretty successful
entrepreneurs and I mean,
this team put in the work I mean,
they actually flew down 2.
Puerto Rico with a full team with the full video
We recorded all day I mean,
it was a definite production.
It was a couple of years ago,
the filming. I mean, this takes a long time for
these higher production movies to kind of obviously make the?
Progress from conception to reality and it was really cool
to see it come out and to sit down to
watch it and to see people like Les Brown Russell
Brunson T Harv Ecker Jenna Cucheron,
just a ton of other successful entrepreneurs be apart of
it and think it’s really going to move the needle
for some people awesome.
I was excited just watching the trailer cool well.
I can drop a quick link for people to ask
is it still free to watch it won’t be forever,
but slash. Video you can go watch the whole
movie for free and will be sure to put that
into show notes and the next item was you were
also I think it was the think and grow rich
Yes, that also was a super highly produced movie that
was actually the highest produce.
I’ve ever been. I mean,
they brought in real characters real scenes were shot.
You know they would go back in time.
And I mean that was some cinematography at hours in
I just remember I was watching it.
’cause I think it’s like Amazon Prime or something like
And I’m watching and I’m like and you show up.
I’m like holy crap holy crap?
Yeah, we wanna things that I think really inspired was
kind of talked a lot about this in a number
of places about what got you into podcasting did you
want to share kind of a 2 minute version of
Well, we got me into podcasting honestly innocence was the
book think and grow rich so that is why I
was very fitting to be part of that movie because
I can remember so clearly.
Being a little a little lost like in my late
having been an officer in the US Army and being
very proud of that and that being a very solid
part of my life,
but then. After that struggling in finding my footing with
law school in corporate finance and commercial real estate and
I remember just literally going to Google and typing in
best business books of all time.
And right near the top of the list if not
at the top of the list was thinking grow rich
and so I ordered that one and a handful of
other ones, and I mean.
This is way pre Kindle.
So I mean, like I literally order the physical books.
They show up and I just remember reading them and
then the book think and grow rich really stuck with
me ’cause of the.
Concept of Masterminds, which I’d never really heard of before
and just just the struggles in the Polian Hill went
through interviewing all of these people.
But the inspiration and knowledge that came from those interviews
All of that stuff was this really cool and really
inspiring to me.
That book was kind of a domino that like it’s
like men.
These books are actually kinda cool.
So then read another one,
and another one, and another one,
and then I’m like aaah,
you know, I’m actually in the car,
a lot. Why am I listening to Miley Cyrus.
Every third song on the radio how about I actually
turn my car into automobile University,
which I did, and so now.
I’m buying audiobooks, but you know,
not rich at this point in my life.
So I was like I wonder is a cheaper way
instead of paying $17.
For every audio book and that’s what led me to
learn about podcasting and just fall in love with the
medium of pod.
Casting free on-demand targeted content and I just like I
get it.
How is this not more of a thing like?
Why are so many people wasting this incredibly valuable time
that there at the gym listening to?
Achy breaky heart for the 50th time,
like why not actually be learning.
Some inspirational motivational tactical stuff while you’re at the gym
in your car walking your dog folding your laundry washing
your dishes.
It just made so much sense to me was almost
just like the King with no clothes or whatever that
Fable’s like how everybody seeing this right now.
I don’t get it. Like literally this King is naked
right now,
it’s because to me the opportunity was just so obvious.
And I said, I gotta get into this and that’s
why I’m like?
What is needed because I’m not going to just launch
a podcast like everybody else because I’m not going to
be good at podcast thing.
So I need a tactical edge.
I said well. How do you get good in something
oh you actually do the thing and that’s when I
was like I gotta do it every single day.
Everybody like no no no that’s not how podcasting is
You’ll get burned out. Nobody will listen to it daily.
I’m like I don’t care if nobody listens to a
I need to do it daily if I’m going to
ever get good at this thing I’m going to get
good at something I do once a week.
And so that’s when the daily podcast was launched back
in 2012 and now you and I are chatting with
the 3 of us are chatting 7 years later,
2200 episodes. Later, $16 Million in revenue later and it
was a pretty good ha moment so talk about inspiring
sorry I cut you off.
Really don’t know that’s OK,
I wanted to thank you for your service.
Uh II appreciate that I’m I was in the Virginia
Army National Guard for 6 years.
Nothing like what you did,
but thank you. Well, I appreciate the appreciation and I’m
a big believer that we’re all akagane.
The bigger team, so I think anybody who serves deserves
a lot of credit.
Same here I can’t tell you how how inspiring the
shows that I’ve listened to.
I haven’t listened to all 2200 of AM West.
I’m outta here, but I’m gonna get right on that.
I am I want to get right on it just
soon as we get done.
But one of the things that struck me early on
when I first found was the posting of the
revenue so you’ve got into corner of the site.
I’ve got it up right now.
And you’ve got to June 2019,
income, we’re recording. This just giuly 22nd 2019 and here
you’ve got a report on your income and 2 things
one is the transparency and I think the bigger piece
is that you’re obviously practicing what you preach and there’s
a number to prove it.
Absolutely and honestly that goes back to like 20112 thousand
12 when I was trying to come up with an
idea like?
What can I do in the online world is going
Give me location. Freedom lifestyle freedom and hopefully financial freedom
and I wasn’t really sold on it,
you know, an army officer for 8 years.
I was really big into that and then I was
thinking about law school,
which I went to and dropped out after a semester
and then corporate finance commercial real estate.
I was like very traditional in my path.
Checking my eyes have been opened his benumb really exposed
to really successful entrepreneurs that we’re living.
These amazing lives and I kind of had this wrong
feeling but it was a feeling that you know if
you’re going to make money on line.
You were kind of slimy you’re kind of Scammy.
Just ’cause I didn’t know any better.
I was clueless and I stumbled across this guy Pat
Smart and he didn’t know publishing income report for
a couple years at that point and I remember thinking
to myself,
You know what? If I ever find my thing and
start making money.
I am going to be as transparent and authentic is
This Guy ’cause.
Here’s a guy who is a good guy family.
Dude, making really good money.
He’s making like 20 or 30 KA month at that
which to me was to the moon and back and
it is.
I mean, there’s a ton of money and I was
just like food.
This guy is proving to me that you can do
it the right way,
and that was what I was all about coming from
the credo being an officer in the US Army serving
during a time of war,
13 month tour of duty in Iraq I mean?
I wanted to do it,
the right way, and he showed me was possible and
so when I hit my first 100 thousand dollar month
I said,
You know what it’s time to start being really transparent
to show people how we’re making our money.
The successes were having so they can be emulated the
failures were having so they can be avoided and let’s
bring my CPA on my accountant to first off you
know validate what we’re doing because anybody can just write
anything on the Internet so let’s bring on somebody who.
You know is a professional and has a legal obligation
to validate this in to make it to show that
this is reality.
And then also let’s bring on my lawyer ’cause I
have a lawyer as well,
and my account and give a tax tip.
My lower can give a legal tip and just give
a lot more credibility to this whole thing so people
know that this is coming from a place of transparency
authenticity and gentleness and so that was 71 months ago
and we haven’t missed the month sense wow and I
think another thing that.
Glad you mentioned the financial reports because one of the
things that I was impressed with and I think I
asked you.
This last week when we did kind of another called
kind of sort of related to this was how do
show is about data and analytics and you are the
entrepreneur entrepreneur? How impactful our analytics and data to someone
in your position.
Is everything uh it’s a butcher?
It just a little bit but there’s a Peter Drucker
Which essentially is what gets measured gets improved and like
if you’re not measuring things you’re not going to improve
those things.
If you’re not studying your Analytics.
So you’re not studying the ROI.
The return on investment for what you’re doing if you’re
not looking at the numbers and tweaking and optimizing and
testing and all of that,
like you’re not going to be running as successful of
a business as you could be.
Period and the story and so that’s why I wanted
to be super accountable and know my numbers in know
where the money was coming in,
where the money was going out any leaky holes in
the ship where Pathum,
which things were really working by the way.
Let’s amplify those things a lot of people don’t even
know like what’s really working best in their business.
’cause they don’t know their numbers.
I know my numbers inside and out because we do
a full income report every single month and if you’re
not doing that at least privately.
There’s no reason you had to be public about these
numbers were not doing a privately.
You know you’re leaving a lot in the table in
your potentially setting yourself up for failure.
That is well, said, and I think there’s a lot
of folks who were CX owes of companies that I
interact with this part of my day job that just
don’t quite get it? How important data is.
And it’s not just a nerd thing.
It’s a business thing, so JLD.
Where can people find out more about what you’re doing
and stuff like that?
All the Magic for us happens at you go
you’ll be able. See those income reports that you mentioned
You know, we have 71 of those that are just
full of all the things that are working for us.
I mean, you know, podcasting is big for us,
but we do a lot of things.
Besides podcasting we have courses.
We have physical products. We have affiliate revenue.
So we do a lot of different things.
So no matter where you are in your journey or
what industry you’re in you can learn a lot from
those income reports.
It’s also a place where we have a ton of
free courses on how to start a podcast how to
create a funnel.
How to create your own mastermind there all free their
super well done very valuable go check out those free
courses at and of course I’d love for anybody.
That doesn’t already to check out and listen to my
podcast entrepreneurs on fire.
It truly is on fire.
Thank you JLD. We know you have a limited time
frame here,
so want to thank you for being on the show
Catch you on the flip side is not what you
say at the end your show that’s it.
Thanks for listening. And thanks for having me on may
be time man.
Alright so that was awesome.
We really appreciate JLD for taking time matters busy schedule.
We did have a very limited sort of window of
his time so it also I don’t think made sense
to ask our usual round of questions.
No glad we’re able to kind of pull it back
and talk about Analytics.
And things like that. I mean,
there are sea level, folks that just don’t think that
they met with in the last year or so that
just like yeah,
data is not really part of our business plan.
I’m thinking. Yes, it is no it’s either part of
your business plan or you’re part of your going out
of business plan out.
I mean, yeah, pretty much how it goes.
I mean, if you look at one of the things
that daily did.
Bring up was that think and grow rich book and
I have to confess.
I have listened to. I have read some of it.
I haven’t read it all,
I probably should. Uh. Because I actually have it on
audio on audible too.
I had like 21 CD on abridged version.
But. I lost all this summer,
the CDs and stuff, oh bummer.
Yeah, that’s why I love audible ’cause.
It’s hard to lose that very different possible.
I’m sure I’ll figure it out.
But if you apply yourself.
Sonic inspiration right there. Anything is possible that’s true but.
Yeah, so that book keeps coming up again,
and again. I think there was an interview.
I think with Aerosmith and when they kind of are
Just starting kind of. They basically the whole world kind
of collapse because of all the drugs and rock and
Oh yeah somehow. I think it might have been Steven
Tyler got ahold of a book copy of that and
got one for all the band and they kind of
rebuilt their careers. Really, I did not know that.
And may I know someone will say well.
They didn’t really rebuild their careers,
but I mean, got their lives together,
yeah, yeah. OK so with that,
we do have a big announcement.
And what’s the big announce key are hosting a data
So harkening back to early days from 13 years ago,
when you and I kind of spear hard spearheaded.
Push to have a coat camp in Richmond.
Uh we are going to spearhead kind of a new
movement towards basically making these types of events accessible to
anyone in the world really we’re going to have a
virtual summit and we’re calling it data soup.
Virtual summit so if you go today to you
will be able to go and see the wonderful speakers.
We have lined up and you’re probably thinking like a
white calling it data soup specially having something called soup
when it’s hotter than Haiti’s on the East Coast for
And summer in the northern hemisphere will part of that
is that the old expression soup to nuts right because
a lot of the demos that we see.
A lot of demos that we see kind of these
conferences like that,
they are kind of idealized.
Concepts. Right like you know they don’t really show you
how to do something soup to nuts so for this
which we hope to have kind of this is the
first in a series of events let that cat out
of the bag,
but why not? You’re a loyal listeners.
Is it this one is going to ensure that kind
of data integration data engineering data science?
AI visualization soup to nuts right the entire data science
From getting data loading data doing something with the data
building a model an even building out something power.
BI yeah, it’s going to be so cool because the
people we’ve got lined up can,
we talk some of that the people.
Yeah, I mean, definitely won’t have filled out their profile
on the site,
which hopefully will be everyone by the time this launches,
but Andy and I will be speaking will kind of
be more like the MCS.
We’re not really going to start with the show.
But we do have speaking of making it accessible want
you talk to us about someone who’s really good at
PowerPoint wow.
So razorhead and if you don’t know who razor at
is I’m going to address it.
You don’t don’t search for answers on forums or.
At your favorite search engin for power be,
he’s going to be his answers are going to be
in the top razor wrote.
Literally wrote the book on power.
BI architecture that was released earlier this year.
An he’s 1 of the best known names,
he he lives in New Zealand.
And what’s nice about the way Frank came up with
the idea to structure.
This conference is we’re actually having them record very close
to the conference their sessions and that gives them an
opportunity to edit and make it just as tight as
they possibly can and not have to pay you know
a few thousand dollars to fly here and back to
New Zealand right and that’s kind of the key is
that I think a lot of this is about Accessibility
issues of.
You know it’s a you get all the benefits of
a conference call.
Sandy and I have been talking about doing live events
since the Richmond code camp is for pay live events
for the sensor.
Richmond code camp days. But for one reason other if
we just it’s one of those things we have to
devote a lot of time to whereas with the virtual
summit. We can just do what we’re really good at
lining up talent lining up guests.
And kind of even some video magic and things like
which if you’ve been watching my LinkedIn feet.
It’s been on fire. Lately,
mostly promoting season 3 and you can bet there’s going
to be some soup related stuff coming down the Pike
but really the key here is is that no matter
where you are in the world.
You’ll be able to join and we do have a
base it is for pay it’s 2497.
I think of what we set as our price,
Yeah, but for data driven listeners if you use the
coupon code data driven?
We will give what do you think Andy?
What do you think this guy should be for day
I’d say? You know, these people are faithful.
They’ve been with us for all the way through the
first couple seasons into season 3?
What do you think half off?
You know what I don’t think that’s good enough,
I think 70% off. Frank loves you more than me.
What can I say 20%
more you have numbers? Well,
it is about data for a limited time.
If you sign up definitely during the month of basically
why don’t we say up until?
August 15th it’ll be 70%
That makes sense, yeah, sounds good.
Beyond that will make it will go down to 50%.
That sounds fair, but you have access to great talent.
I mean, we only talked about Rezza.
We have Nick Harris. We’re both Nikan resident and guest
on the show so you can go back into the
other shows.
We also have some things.
Not yet being on a formal show,
but she was on a data point.
Catherine will Wilhelmsen I’m sorry from but yes,
I got her name right so she’s going to be
talking about Azure data.
Factory the what the when and where and why?
Because data factory is one of those things where I
used to joke.
I called it sassafras SSIS as a service.
Yeah, but I am seeing a lot more customers from
the Microsoft.
POV come in and say.
Hey, what’s this ADF stuff about so we’re going to
have that we’re also going to have someone else who’s
been not only a guest on these data points that
we’ve had but has been a roving reporter Jim Maca
Lilly Hill,
please be presenting although his session is as of yet.
I think I think not formally announced in terms of
what the topic is but it’s probably going to be
Data warehouse.
Yep, Tim’s Tim’s awesome. A data warehousing and we also
have doctor Leila.
Totti also from New Zealand,
who was presenting on AI and I don’t know if
you recognize that our listeners or savvy and they keep
up if you’ve been paying attention to some of the
conferences that are going on around the globe alot of
these names are populated so Doctor Doctor Toddy is one
razor and they just travel.
All over the place, although they they live in New
Zealand and my friend and brother from another mother Nick
Harris is going to open the keynote.
I can share a couple of things about Nick I
don’t think he would,
he would mind one of them is he spent on
the cutting edge business leadership with technology.
He’s he’s 1 of those people who can do both
an I’m always jealous of them because I do.
The technology OK into business.
So so, so but but Nick is really been good
at both of these things he’s been a He’s a
former CIO and.
He recently was accepted into the Sloan MBA program at
MIT so he’s actually starting probably about the time we
air his his keynote.
He’s going to be jumping into that,
so he’s not any kind of slouch when it comes
to either business,
or technology and really excited to have him opening with
the opening keynote.
Right and I think if you look at our speakers,
and if you go today to soup summit com as
we’re recording this like I would say 80%
of it is kind of up and the agenda is
We are working with the extra 20%
agenda, which is kind of mentally how I got that
extra 20%
discount for y’all that sign up before we kind of
have the paint,
dry, but JL Diaz inspired me to move forward and
move forward with transparency.
And uh you know, we wanted to have a conference
that kind of cover the entire swath.
Yes, of data science data engineering,
not just from here are the bits.
Here’s what you do, but kind of like from the
business point of view like?
Why do this? I mean in 2019 it’s kind of
absurd maybe bordering on surrealism that you would have any
sea level person in any company say the data is
not part of important part of our business and I
think part of that might be just intimidation.
Because I think one of the things that is a
blocker for learning for a lot of folks or doing
Is just? The vulnerability you have to put yourself out
there to either internally or externally say I don’t know
You know, and I talked to a lot of folks
that want to get into data science or or AI
and they just kind of say.
Immediately, a guard kind that comes up because there used
to be in the top dog of C sharp or
C plus plus or Java and then they realize that
they have to everybody’s a newb.
Everybody is always a noob at some point sure with
this field,
you know, I mean, if you have 5 years experience
doing AI.
I mean that is a very small crowd right so
I think getting back to inspiration and tech intensity and
how those 2 relate together.
I think our I see it back to my blues
brothers moment.
You know, I’m on a mission to inspire folks to
get into the technical aspect of it and no matter
where they are there’s plenty of materials with that and
speaking of which speaking of which if Andy’s like webinars
and training that he makes available isn’t enough for you,
it doesn’t cover the kind of the basics of stats
and things like that,
we have guess what? Andy.
What do we have to have our first sponsor?
No way way way. So they originally came to me,
said Hey, we want to sponsor the podcast and sponsor
Not like tell you what I’ll do one could you
hit me at a good day?
I had a good Cup of coffee that day they
are actually also going to be sponsors for the data
Super Summit.
It’s 365 data science. And we will make sure we
have the link in the description.
And in terms of you know if you use that
link they know that we sent you will also see
about getting a discount.
There, too, but since I don’t control what the discount
is I’ll have to check my notes and see if
I can get them a better discount get you all
better discount. ’cause you been awesome.
Listeners listening andean. I prattle on for 2 and a
half going on 3 years.
Yeah, this is so exciting francas.
These it’s a combination of of you know a lot
of hard work.
An months of dreaming before that when you and I
first started talking about this and I want to say.
Gosh, it was, I know it was in the fall.
It’s we’re coming up on 3 years ago,
when we actually started talking about about doing this podcast
One of the things we wanted to do,
and we started focusing go in at the end of
season one.
Although it was a public you and I were talking
behind the scenes about OK?
Can we land someone on the show who you know
who is more recognition who can help us right right.
So I’m just going to say.
I’m not going to tell the story.
I’m just going to say our first attempt,
we fail. We didn’t just fail.
This we failed spectacularly well OK.
That’s right well, we did.
We really did an. I will I’ll let people in
so if you’ve been following us on Twitter and Facebook
every now and then you’ll hear Frank or I mentioned
just as a byline will say something about getting blocked
on Twitter or not getting blocked or include yeah,
that’s related but I think we also mentioned prominently when
we had Melena on the show.
Somebody I knew from kind of a decent crowd and
mostly on Twitter.
So I invited her on the show.
Even though technically she’s not quite data science,
but what she does is very relevant to.
Everyday life, but also kind of AI and stuff,
but and then I said,
Yeah, I found her on Twitter and she’s like and
and he’s like she didn’t block you so much of
the back stories.
We’re going to reveal today.
That’s how that works, but through hard work persistence.
Frank was able to make connection with John Lee.
Dumas and Mr. JLD himself.
And that’s all that was a spectacular segment that we
have with it really was ’cause I wanted to kind
of get back to kind of like the core of
what data driven is ’cause.
It’s changed. Overtime and part of it was we do
meander no what we do,
but I think the key is coming back to what
was the core but what really inspired it and a
lot of the inspiration that I took was from listening
to grant cordone audio books and listening to the ER
fire podcast.
At a time when it was made pretty clear to
me that I was going to get laid off ultimately
and kind of like I accidentally stumbled upon that and
want to talk about content machine.
I mean, the first 2000 episodes.
He recorded 7 days a week and you know the
whole idea of people have is like I can’t do
I don’t have time or this whatever I mean,
if he can do it 7 days a week.
It’s possible to do something once a week.
You know what I mean,
like it’s not absolutely it’s not a stretch and not
to go down.
Rabbit hole of like Gary Vainer Chuck’s theory of time,
which is another guy that’s a pretty interesting guy,
yes also inspiration also inspirational.
Is that that idea of you know?
Totally blanked out. No is the idea that you know,
everybody has the same amount number hours a day.
It’s a question of how you spend that time and
that is,
and then that’s something I really took the heart starting
and I guess it would’ve been 2016.
You know like so here I am you know 50s
Some odd pushing 50 some odd certifications.
Later, you know, and I have a well during that
period of time.
I either had a job or didn’t depending on one
come back.
But I’ve always had the kids.
I visit the dogs. Always said the wife’s house and
things like that,
like it is possible you just have to kind of.
Find your way to make it happen.
Absolutely yeah, and you know part of this is,
is having people that we’re you know that inspire us
and we mentioned this.
I don’t think we mentioned it on the air.
But maybe we did at the very beginning of the
last show of the last segment.
We recorded rather is that now you and I both
had this experience multiple times where people come up to
us when they see us at a conference or at
an event and they say you know,
Hey, the data driven guy.
And then depending on which one of us there talking
to they’ll say say hi to Frank or Andy for
me and it’s just it just boggles my mind,
and we look at the download numbers.
I’m still Frankie though. We cracked a thousand not only
that we cracked 80,000 right now and it’s like I
think just over 87,000.
And I still remember the day like we track 9001
like doing a whole run around doing a whole dragonball
things Dragon Ball Z thing or bad.
Might be on a Facebook page,
I’m not sure if I ask.
We need to highlight that video and speaking on Facebook,
so we do a lot of these data points,
which are recorded live.
Totally, unscripted, those things are unscripted and then what you
hear on the podcast feed.
There’s an edited down version of that.
But if you ever want anything bloopers and all their
on our Facebook page,
so that alone. I think just the comedic value sometimes.
Uh. Of that is worth it.
I still I still I still love which was it
at the Dunkin’
Where you you were with you had your kids with
That that’s classic so if you don’t know the whole
background story.
But the idea for data driven the name came from
Donuts and I kind of had this idea of DD
SODD on adore which Unfortunately they’ve changed the door handle
since then.
But so I wanted to record ’cause.
It was some milestone might have been a 9000 miles
But I had my kids with me and driving them
with Donuts.
You know that’s any parent out there knows how that
Unfortunately, what I didn’t consider was telling them about Donuts
before I hit record because if you go to the
unedited one.
They’re basically all they’re doing is they’re talking about can,
we go get doughnuts. Now,
my guys, I might done recording,
Yeah, but I wanted Donuts OK.
Yeah, that was that was funny and it’s been a
number of like Flubs and stuff like that.
And it’s been it’s been an interesting ride.
That’s for sure. So I just wanted to thank everyone
Not only I think we our goal isn’t I think
our goal,
which was to inspire but I think the thing that
surprised me.
I don’t speak for Andy was we’ve been inspired by
you all.
October yeah, I’m right there with you,
I had no idea that there was how many people
out there that we’re even doing some of the stuff
that Frank and I were talking about both business and
personal and it was just I think inspiring is the
right word,
and the you know the feedback that we get from
the show is mostly positive.
You know when I say mostly I mean way North
of 9598 percent,
is positive and stuff that isn’t positive is usually very
So it and again all of it all of it
is just very inspiring to us.
People are listening. Their hearing stuff a small minority are
here and stuff,
and going. You know you could do that better if
you did,
this, which is awesome, keep that up.
But just Yes.
Yes, absolutely love that we love the feedback we get
Really enjoyed the feedback we get actually some of the
things that come up.
It’s been like Oh, yeah that’s true.
So yeah, so thank you so.
Thank you for? 2 and a half wonderful years were
kicking off season 3 were going to come out with
this and the data summits data data soup summits and
don’t worry. We got plenty of content coming up absolute
and looking forward to seeing what the next 3 seasons
If you caught the hopefully we won’t.
Disappoint in season 8. Like another prominent show did which
I love that Game of Thrones theme thing you did
that was fun.
Thanks, Frank. I never watched a single episode of that
and I think I have,
like the first 5 books on my Kindle never read
any of’em,
but I know is popular is nothing against it.
I didn’t. I didn’t not watch it.
I don’t know how to say that I wasn’t driven
away by anything in the show.
I just don’t have time matter of how awesome this
choice and I was like I can’t.
I just can’t right right So what I did was
I waited till season 5 and then I kind avenged.
Ah, OK, when I had like 3 months of HBO
for some reason and then I kind of caught up
again when we switched another cable providers again and and
then I saw the first 2 episodes of season 8
and then was kind of advised yeah,
maybe you don’t waste your time with the rest of
it and kind of highlight reels,
yeah, you know, I heard really disappointing hurt disappointment is
probably the best way I think it was just they
were people make the shower done the show.
Runners Gonna deal with Star Wars cool you know the
funny thing was like they stuff would get like there’s
a Starbucks Cup.
And one of the characters like straight in kind of
an evil world and there’s like this Starbucks Cup,
like right in the middle of like table,
I may not even Starbucks but it was like Tim
Horton’s or something like that,
or Oh my goodness. ’cause they film.
They don’t know if they film in Canada,
Iceland, they come in a lot of interesting places Ireland.
Iceland sure stuff like that,
so whoever the local coffee chain was that’s who it
This is funny attention to detail that’s the first sign
once you lose that that’s the first so yeah.
You’re focusing on something different.
That’s for sure, so speaking of focus or the lack
it was kind of what we do,
we will let the nice.
British lady and the show.
Thanks for listening to data driven don’t just listen become
a data driver by going to data driven dot TV
to sign up to join the community access to special
events. Tips and tricks and more sign up today at
Stater driven Doc TV.

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