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Exploring Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science

*DataPoint* Chuck E. Cheese is Watching You


In this DataPoint, Frank discovers that Chuck E. Cheese is tracking game playing statistics with the use of RFID cards and how to look up your own data with their in store kiosks.  

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*DataPoint* The Eve of Disruption


While grabbing coffee at a recently renovated McDonald’s, Frank ponders the future of work: both low-skill and higher skill work. There’s going to be no hiding from this: we are truly on the Eve of Disruption, where AI will impact everyone everywhere. It’s not all gloom and doom and there might be a strategy to…

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Ronald Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch on AI, Enterprises, and Startups


In this episode, Frank and Andy talk to two guests, Ronald Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch, co-founders of Cognilytica and co-hosts of the AI Today podcast. Links Sponsor: – Get a free audio book when you sign up for a free trial! Notable Quotes Cognilytica is amazing!(04:00) All chatbots are dumb – for now. (09:00) Machine Learning…

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Frank and Andy Mix Things Up and Try Not Get Blocked on Twitter


Frank and Andy mix things up a bit and talk about running R in SQL Azure, becoming Anti-Fragile, Appalachia, and how they got blocked by a big time blogger. Links Sponsor: – Get a free audio book when you sign up for a free trial! Notable Quotes Andy and Frank agree The Expanse is…

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Milena Rodban on Geopolitical Risk, Cybersecurity, and Tennis


In this episode Frank and Andy talk with Milena Rodban, a Geopolitical Risk Consultant and Simulation Designer, which might be the best job title ever. Milena discusses the importance of data and the often overlooked security aspects around data, especially when set against the backdrop of complex business and security environments. Links Sponsor: – Get a free…

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