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Exploring Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science

OpenAI Drama, Open Source, and Andy’s New Venture

In this episode, your hosts Andy Leonard and Frank La Vigne dive headfirst into the world of open source, decision making, and the unfolding drama surrounding OpenAI. From sarcastic responses to holographic displays, we’ve got it all covered! Join us as we discuss the potential consequences of dependencies, community protests leading to change, and the…

Two Hosts on Two Coasts

Andy is speaking at PASS Summit in Seattle and Frank is speaking at the Red Hat Government Symposium in Washtington, DC. Two hosts. Two Coasts. One Podcast!

New Year in November, Podcast Backlog, and Scheduling Issues

In this 344th episode of Data Driven, Frank talks about the New Year. Yes, New Year’s in November. Frank and Andy just do their own thing.It’s part of their charm, or at least that they told me to say that. I do take issue with Frank’s statement that I am not real. What is real,…

Talking AI at OpenShift Commons Gathering in Raleigh

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Data Driven! In today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of artificial intelligence, as our very own Frank La Vigne takes us on a journey through his experiences at the OpenShift Commons gathering in Raleigh. From delivering a captivating demo to moderating a thought-provoking panel, Frank’s agenda is…