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*DataPoint* Could One Character Emails Have Saved Toys R Us?


After attending the Global Azure Bootcamp with my son, I decided to drop in and see what bargains there were at the nearby Toys R Us. I have fond memories of going to Toys R Us when I was a kid. However, I’ve noticed a distinct decline in the store over the last few years.…

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*DataPoint* Frank Talks to Brian Moran at Global Azure Bootcamp


In this DataPoint, Frank talk to Brian Moran about Global Azure Bootcamp, Databricks, AI, and life at Microsoft. As this is Mr. Moran’s third appearance, this makes him Data Driven’s first ever threepeat guest.  

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*DataPoint* Talking Data Science to Policy Folks


Recently, I delivered a presentation on “Data Science for the Curious” at the WeWork K Street location in Washington, DC. The goal was to help the largely non-technical audience of public policy professionals understand some of the core tenets of data science: its promises and its perils. In light of the recent Facebook revelations, this…

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*DataPoint* Cognitive Biases and Predicting the Weather


Frank ponders weather prediction models, the confusion matrix, and cognitive biases.

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*DataPoint* Andy Chats with Andy Yun at SQL Saturday Chicago


While at SQL Saturday Chicago, Andy gets recursive by┬átalking to Andy. ­čÖé Seriously, he meets up with Andy Yun, one of the organizers of SQL Saturday Chicago.

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